Embossing / Monogramming Service

At Hides and Thread, we have one of the widest selection to personalise your leather products in Singapore.

Create that personal touch to our leather products with our hot stamping /embossing service. This distinctly elevates the uniqueness of the leather product, making it solely yours. Hot stamping or embossing on leather products requires a high-level skill and precision to ensure that the initials remain crisp and aligned. Therefore, this is only done by our best craftperson, with every letter block is individually loaded onto the machine by hand and precisely embossed.

This form of personalisation is often referred to as Monogramming, Embossing or Hot Foil Stamping. While we typically emboss your name or initials onto the leather products, we do also emboss a favourite quote, date, symbols and logo. Please contact us to find out more about this unique service.

We also personalise leather products that are not made by us. This is limited to certain types of small leather goods and leather used. We will not be able to personalise large items such as pre-made bags. Do send us a photo of your leather product for a preliminary assessment.

Foil Colors

We select quality metallic foil to ensure the longevity of the monogram. With proper care and use, the embossed name or initials should not peel or flake over time (depends on the texture of the leather).

We have four standard colours: Blind (i.e. no color); Gold; Rose Gold and Silver. We have a myriad of other foil colors which are available upon request to suit your preference, contact us to find out more.

Font Selections

Select from the range of fonts handpicked by us.

Our font sizes have different characteristics, with differing height and some without lower-case. Refer to the details below for more information.

For an estimation on the size of the fonts, please refer to the cardholder images.

We are also able to emboss symbols, icons (e.g. heart shape, star shape), or your preferred design/logo. Contact us to find out more.

Font: American Typewriter
Recommended for:
Name, Initials, Date, Short Quotes

CAPS, lower-case, numbers, symbols available

Font: Niconne Regular
Recommended for: Name, Initials, Short Quotes

CAPS, lower-case, numbers, symbols available

Font: Balloon
Recommended for: Name, Initials, Date, Short Quotes

CAPS and numbers available

Font: Times New Roman
Recommended for: Name, Initials

CAPS and (limited) numbers available